I have worked on logos, posters, illustrations & icons, sustainibilty,
events, digital, print, and creative direction projects. I also have experience working in account management, marketing and production.

This a project that I began in 2012. Intially CollegeStartup was an idea that I formulated in my sophmore year of college. The idea was to create a competition for college students to build their own startups in a weekend. I approached Wix Lounge in NYC to have them as a host for our first event and they gave me the space rent free for 2 days.

Here is a gallery from the first competition. evolved soon after our first event. In 2013 we turned  it into a news site with numerous contributors from all across the United States. Here are some screen captures from one of the site’s redesigns.

I ran a successful Kickstarter with my cofounder Jon to create a printed zine for our readers. Below is the video from our campaign that I helped direct, and outline.


Here is the issuu copy of the Zine that my team put together. I designed some of the pages in it that are featured below.

I met Bryan Berger at Paypal BattleHack in August of 2013. Since then we have worked on a couple of projects together. Nyhackthons has definitely been our favorite. It is a live listing of all the Hackthons in NY State. My job has been to curate listings, create postings and advise on the site’s design.

Here are some images of Paypal Battlehack.

Some of the samples of my poster banner designs for Nyhackthons.

The design of the NYHackthons site also features a custom system for Hackthon postings. Bryan developed the system and I helped him to outline the site format for data we wanted to collect and display. We agreed to create a “Zagat” guide for Hackathons.

We curate for the things you care about like, is it free and what cool stuff can I win?

Right now you can choose events by:
– Date
– Cost
– Duration
– Amount of attendees
– Sponsors
– Mentors
– Transportation

We also allow user submissions and have our own public archive of past hackathons.