Fallout 4: A Settler’s Guide from the Lone Wanderer to Dovahkiin

Fallout 4: A Settler’s Guide from the Lone Wanderer to Dovahkiin

For the last few years I have been a big fan of the game studio Bethesda. They have made some incredible video games that embody the true spirit of Open World gaming. It all started with the game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which is a truly incredible game that takes you back into a foreign Nordic realm with kings and armies, wizards and dragons and even homesteads. Yes, in this game you could build a home in the middle of a forest that neighbored a Giant camp and overlooked a river. With the lack of true sequel for console gamers to this installment by Bethesda, I turned to their Fallout series. Bethesda created Fallout to emulate what the United States would look like after a nuclear fallout. In this unfriendly apocalyptic wasteland world you need to look in the most unlikeliest of places in order to succeed.

This post will act as a guide to new Fallout Players, (like me) who want to get the most out of Fallout 4. I want to point out one of my favorite new features in Fallout that this post will be addressing is settlements. Settlements in Fallout are just incredible! You get to build your own town! From scratch! Think grown up Legos, or Minecraft in full pixel glory. What’s more there are islands that can be built into full-scale metropolises. With that in mind, here are some tips, tricks and videos:

First An awesome 50 Tips video by Youtuber Jug on buildings:

Below I will add some answers to common questions in Fallout for new players and YOU can comment on this post with your own questions. I’ve also included a link to my Twitch channelhttps://www.twitch.tv/sukonik which will showcase some play-throughs in Fallout 4 in my channel archive.

How do I find a settlement?

The best way to find a settlement location early on in your play through is head down and to the right from the Vault 111 (your main game start point) to Sanctuary, where you find your first companion.


Here is my full youtube playlist as reference guide:

More answers to come:

How to build?

Best Followers?

Using prefabs?

Getting Lights and Power?

Getting a Water Supply?

Building a Farm?

Getting Settlers?

Giving Jobs?



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