The Dos Toros Experience

The Dos Toros Experience

For years, burritos have been a staple lunch food for me. Ever since I started college in 2010 I became attached to the thought of rice, beans, meat, veggies and cheese wrapped in thin doughy-wrap. The mix of these 5 key ingredients is part of what makes the burrito so special. It is also the experience around which we eat a burrito which brings sweet thoughts of the food to mind.

I started eating Chipotle with friends while attending Hofstra University. Then it became a place to get a quick bite in NYC, along with the occasional pizza hole in wall. Chipotle still holds a place in my heart as a place where cool ideas for my future endeavors spawned. A friend of mine named Maxx had the fantastic idea of starting a Millenial Startups club while we were eating at a Chipotle, like a support group for Millenials starting their own companies. We actually tried it out! It went great at first, but that’ll be another blog post. No need to go on a longer tangent here.

Back to burritos…

Well, Chipotle is unique for their seasonings. They do a great  job with adding lime and cilantro to the rice, in particular the white rice mix is sublime. I like cilantro and, lime and salt together the flavor is rich and can best described as rice that has a fresh flavor to it. One mistake they make at Chipotle, which in my eyes is not totally forgivable is not making sure they have consistent salt in their food. At many Chipotle locations where I’ve had Chipotle food there has been way way way too much SALT in my food. They do have awesome Carnitas though. Their pulled pork is juicy, stringy and earthy all at the same time. It tastes like the best pit roasted pork.

Their pulled pork is juicy, stringy and earthy all at the same time.

On the other hand my experience with Dos Toros has been less bumpy. The first time I tried Dos Toros was when I invited them to sponsor a Museum of the City of New York young membership gala. I was an intern of Business Development there. I assembled an array of food trucks and NYC vendors to come to the museum or provide food for the event. The Dos Toros founders saw the opportunity and well lets just say they ran with it. With more than 150 attendees the event was a blast, Dos Toros brought their taco, burito station into the museum main hall and we had some awesome California style Mexican food served fresh by the founders themselves. They just blew me away with their attention to detail, the food was superb.

Dos Toros brought their taco, burito station into the museum main hall and we had some awesome Cali style mexican food served fresh by the founders themselves

Since my introduction to Dos Toros I frequented their handful of NYC locations. I found that they offer a better burrito with more options for the average guy or gal. With 3 non spicy meat options and as many heat options as you could need they cater to all tastes.

What’s more their location on Carmine Street is freaking awesome it’s got wooden picnic tables and outdoor seating and has much more relaxed aesthetic than Aztec Factory Style Chipotle.


It’s now a frequent meeting place for me to go when I have lunch with a friend and shoot the breeze. They also offer nice little water pump for getting your own water.

Dos Toros wins in my book for offering a wider selection of variations and consistent food. The aesthetic of their company locations helps too!

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  1. I’m not a fan of Mexican food, but your post made me drizzle ? great piece.


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