Morning Bike Ride

Morning Bike Ride

One morning, I woke up early, 5:30am and got back into my new daily routine. Biking. Biking every morning along the Long Beach Boardwalk. That day was slightly different because I was feeling inspired. I bike better when I’m feeling inspired. I was inspired by a meetup group that talked about blogging. The meetup group helped me to understand that blogging is more about personal experiences and life events than simply writing a news post or giving people the facts.

Getting back to my blog…

So that morning was different because I felt inspired to write about my biking experience. In that way I’d say it’s easy to look at this post as a fresh look at my daily morning routine. This new biking routine that I started, was meant to change how I got my daily exercise. Yet it’s opposite of a habit. Like I have a habit to look at my iPhone notifications every morning lol. ?

This routine, hopefully it will become a habit. Unlike checking my iPhone in the morning, I feel like it benefits me throughout the day. This early dose of exercise makes me more energetic during the day. I end up feeling refreshed after every biking workout, it’s a great alternative to relying on something like coffee to wake me up in the morning (and I’m not a coffee drinker lol, so I kinda have to do this).

The bike ride starts like this. I go to the shed, my shed is getting a bit old, just getting the bike out can be a hastle. As the bottom of the door is rusted and coming off. Anyhow once the bike is out, I have to swerve to avoid the dew on bushes outside. Morning dew smells so good, but as the same time I’m not the one who wants to get soaked before he starts his morning workout.

As I bike to the boardwalk the sun is coming up.

On the boardwalk I choose my biking tunes and take in the morning rays.

I’m really into Spotify as of late. I listen to a lot of electronic trance music and also the Fifa 2016 soundtrack. Fifa 2016, is a soccer video game for the Xbox console. Here are some of the songs I listen too:

songs via Spotify, streaming music service:

On a Good Day – Above and Beyond

Falling Down – Sub Focus

Push – A-track

Friend (Hard times) – Galantis

Bad Habits – Brass Knuckles

Dance or Die – Starcadian

Chinatown – Starcadian

Easy Tiger – Michael Woods

Platinum Chains – Michael Woods

Neuron – Pryda

Tripswitch – Nothing but Thieves

Feeling Electric – Parade of Lights

Cannonball – Skylar Grey

Run – Tiggs Da Author

During the bike ride I start off slow and take in the ocean breeze around me. As the music picks up I bike faster and take in the sound. The fast pace helps to centralize my biking, sometimes I can even bike with no hands 🙂 ? which makes it easy to record a video.

I bike to the end of the boardwalk and head back. But every-time I reach the end of the boardwalk it feels like I traveled somewhere new. Maybe I feel this way, based on my strong desire to want to travel and see the world more.

Untrue – Tchami

Or maybe it’s just a reflection of how much I enjoy biking.

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