Top 20 Coding Bootcamps

Top 20 Coding Bootcamps

Today it is hard to find a recent college graduate who has not taken additional coursework outside of their college workload. With the increase in the demand for more tech-savvy employees,  students have flocked to alternative forms of learning online and offline. These alternative forms of learning range from coding boot camps to websites like Meanwhile, the world of online and offline learning is experiencing a large shift. New startups have been tackling the increased demand for alternative education platforms.

One of the most progressive companies in alternative online technology education is One Month, founded by Mattan Griffel. One Month allows students to learn online at their own pace, but it also gives them the opportunity to do project-based learning. This setup allows the students to build a project while they study, which helps to enhance their retention of material learned from classes.

Another company that wants to teach young people coding skills is targeting the high school market. HackEDU allows high school students to build their own coding clubs. HackEDU provides new clubs with a baseline coding curriculum, free software tools, and community building training.

Online education and school tech-clubs are the beginning of alternative education in the Web 2.0 age. Coding boot camps collectively make up one of the fastest growing education programs in the United States. The coding boot camp market will grow by 2.4 times, to an estimated 16,056 graduates in 2015, up from 6,740 in 2014. For comparison, estimates suggest that there were 48,700 undergraduate computer science graduates from accredited US universities in 2014.

Below is a comprehensive list of the top 20 coding boot camps and the top eight online coding schools. These schools are ranked by cost, locations, alumni base, features of the schools and diversity of course offerings. The top five schools include General Assembly, App Academy, New York Code + Design Academy, Fullstack Academy and the Startup Institute.

General Assembly, founded in 2011, provides a diverse selection of courses from web development to business foundations. App Academy, founded in 2012, offers an intensive, full-time, project-based web development class that has a job placement guarantee. New York Code + Design Academy, founded in 2012, offers full-time and part-time workshops in web and mobile app development and UI/UX design. Fullstack Academy, a graduate of Y Combinator, offers a program that will take a student from amateur to professional web developer in just 13 weeks. Startup Institute, founded in 2012, offers a diverse range of courseware from web design to technical marketing.

The Top 20 Coding Boot Camps (in person classes):

  1. General Assembly
  2. App Academy
  3. New York Code + Design Academy
  4. Fullstack Academy
  5. Startup Institute
  6. Coding Dojo
  7. Coding House
  8. Dev Bootcamp
  9. Flatiron School
  10. Dev League
  11. DevMountain
  12. Grand Circus
  13. Hack Reactor
  14. Hackbright Academy
  15. Ironhack
  16. Launch Academy
  17. MakerSquare
  18. Coder Foundry
  19. The Iron Yard
  20. Fire Bootcamp


Here are the top 8 online schools:

  1. Code School
  2. One Month
  3. Code Academy
  4. Thinkful
  5. Bloc
  6. Treehouse
  7. SkillCrush
  8. Tealeaf Academy

Data about Coding boot camps in 2014 – 2015 (referenced from CourseReport):

  • [CourseReport’s] 2014 Market Sizing Study projected the 2014 market size to be 5,987 graduates. [CourseReport’s] 2015 study finds that the actual market size in 2014 was 6,740 graduates. Thus [CourseReport’s] 2014 report underestimated year-over-year growth by 11%.
  • Average tuition price of qualifying courses is $11,063, with an average program length of 10.8 weeks.
  • [CourseReport] estimate[s] that tuition revenue from qualifying US schools will be $172M in 2015 (up from $52M in 2014), excluding scholarships.
  • Ruby is the most common teaching language, used in 35% of courses. boot camps will graduate 9,748 Ruby developers in 2015. While Ruby remains popular, JavaScript has gained popularity in the past year, now accounting for 21% of courses.

2015 Schools that CourseReport’s data was gathered from:

● Ada Developers Academy ● App Academy ● Bitmaker Labs ● CodeCraft School ● BrainStation ● Byte Academy ● Claim Academy ● Code Fellows ● CodeCore Bootcamp ● Coder Camps ● Coder Foundry ● Coder Vox ● Codeup ● Coding Campus ● Coding Dojo ● Coding House ● Craftsmanship Academy ● DecodeMTL ● Deep Dive Coders ● Dev Bootcamp ● Dev League ● devCodeCamp ● DevMountain ● DevPoint Labs ● Epicodus ● Fire Bootcamp ● Flatiron School ● Fullstack Academy ● General Assembly ● Grand Circus ● Galvanize ● Hack Reactor ● Hackbright Academy ● HackerYou ● Ironhack ● Launch Academy ● LearningFuze ● Lighthouse Labs ● MakerSquare ● Mobile Makers Academy ● Nashville Software School ● New York Code + Design Academy ● Notch8 LEARN ● Omaha Code School ● Orange County Code School ● PDX Code Guild ● Portland Code School ● Prime Digital Academy ● RefactorU ● RocketU ● ● SeedPaths ● Skill Distillery ● Software Craftsmanship Guild ● Startup Institute ● Tech Academy Portland ● Tech Talent South ● The Iron Yard ● Turing ● TurnToTech ● We Can Code IT ● Wyncode


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