Campus Pursuit: College Treasure Hunts


College Startup: College campus life is unique in that it gives students the opportunity to explore something new and altogether educational. In college, while I attended Hofstra University, there were treasure hunts that would be done by groups of Resident Assistants and Campus Life Ambassadors. These treasure hunts were fun, but unfortunately were lacking in creativity. The student Resident Assistants would simply hide a prize and announce a victor once the prize was found. Sometimes winners would not even report that they found the prize that was hidden.

Campus Pursuit is changing all of this. They are putting college treasure hunts on the map in a BIG way by upping the technology used in college campus treasure hunts. They are also bringing treasure hunts to campuses that don’t have established treasure hunt programs in place for new or current students. To push the envelope even further they have made Campus Pursuit a game that anyone can enjoy on a visit to a college campus! You don’t even have to be a student! For example if I were to visit Cornell University and was not a student, I could login and select Cornell and be able to find the prize on campus.


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