Re3 Storyhack: A Hackathon for Storytellers

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Storyhack is not your typical hackathon. Its not aimed at solely web developers or application gurus. In fact its targeted at writers, flim makers, bloggers, students, developers, artists, activists and designers. This should come as little surprise as the organizers are clearly from the creative world, example: Deroy Peraza (@deroyperaza), Co-Founder & Creative Director at Brooklyn’s graphic design studio: Hyperakt. I was fortunate to meet the other cofounder of Hyperakt, Julia Vakser Zeltser, back when I attended Hofstra University. I was aware that their studio would often be involved with interesting projects, much like this hackathon. Julia’s amazing project was called I Have PSD and you can witness it for yourself.


Storyhack’s aim is get their participants to cover global issues like sustainability, education and medicine. You’re allowed to create anything that covers your groups issue. It could be an interactive exhibit, performance art, a Flash mob, a mobile app, sculpture or even a print. There is no limitation of medium for the teams’ final outputs as long as they tell amazing life changing stories.

There will be more than 10 teams and at least 75 participants. Applications are due by September 10th, 2013 to participate or submit an idea. Please revisit the website for competition updates and follow the organizers on twitter.

Update: The competition was held October 5th and 6th 2013 at:

Parsons the New School for Design
The Vera List Center
6 East 16th Street, 12th Floor
New York City

Some of the projects that came out of the competition can be found here. 

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