Top 50 College Startups: Fall 2013 Edition

2013: The Year of the College Startup


Evan Spiegel

@Snapchat founder @evanspiegel

This year we welcome a new breed of startup, the College Startup. Since 1995 College Startups have been on the rise to glory. A onetime startup from Illinois University: Mosaic, set a record IPO in 1995: Netscape, was the birth of the Internet as we know it today. College Startups, like Mosaic, change the course of history.

Google was started by college students, Facebook was started by college students, yes even Snapchat was started by college students.

Why do we need to pay attention to College Startups?

Its simple: They change the way we live, breathe and think.

Article Snapshot:

In this semester’s list we noticed a couple of cool trends, we noticed that many of the college startups were based online. With functions similar to common internet stores like Amazon and utilities like Google web apps. Many of these companies provide utilities for our daily lives. Accelsor from San Diego, allows its users to create quick, beautiful websites and it does it on any device because its all web native. Roommatchers based in New York City, helps the numerous thousands of college students find roommates via its Facebook connected platform and helps students choose rooms through its own curated listings of housing rentals. Today they are in the process of buying their own buildings. People using Roommatchers can see who their roommates are going to be before moving in with them. From coast to coast American college startups are taking over the globe.

A few quick stats…

1. The majority of the startups came from Harvard (5), Stanford (3), UC Berkeley (3), UPenn (3), University of Chicago (3), and Northwestern (3)

2. Our research found a good amount of green and sustainable businesses (5)

3. The College Startups list was diverse showcasing 15 states and 30 colleges

We now present our first Top 50 College Startups in America:



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